Northern Drug Targeting and Delivering Cluster

The mission of the Drug Targeting and Delivery Cluster is the beginning of a R&D platform for open innovation in the Life Sciences in the Northern Netherlands.

It is a forum for sharing scientific, technological and market information, as well as business concepts and experiences covering the entire bio-medical community. It can serve as a nucleus for an expanding life science community that eventually achieves the critical mass necessary to attract larger pharmaceutical partners to invest in programs and/or establish facilities in the region. The members of the Northern Drug Targeting and Delivery Cluster, by pooling their technologies and expertises, are aiming to more effectively position themselves to take advantage of this changing dynamic by developing and marketing innovative ready-made pharmaceutical proof of concepts. Dit cluster bevindt zich sinds december 2010 onder de HANNN paraplu.

Partners: University of Groningen (RUG), University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), BioMaDe, BiOrion Technologies B.V., CELLution Biotech B.V., Innocore B.V., Nyken B.V., Synvolux Therapeutics B.V., Triskel Therapeutics B.V., ViciniVax B.V., Vivomicx 

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