Health-i-care: Innovations for safer healthcare

Health-i-care focuses on the development of innovative products and technologies that protect the public from infections and help combat antibiotic resistance. 
Thirty innovation consortia
have been established for the health-i-care project. Each consortium consists of one small and medium-sized business (SME) and supporting partners from knowledge institutions (e.g. universities) and the healthcare sector (e. g. hospitals). These consortia develop demand-oriented innovations that are innovative and novel tools or resourses within the professional fields of medical information provision&training/eHealth, diagnostics & prevention, infection prevention - OneHealth, medical (e)-technology.
The 30 consortia will be presenting the progress and current status of their innovations during biannual innovation fora, followed by discussions on their innovations with the fora participants. This will enable the entrepreneurs and consortia to adapt their innovation to the rapidly changing market situation that is typical in the areas of hygiene and infection prevention. Various healthcare institutions in the Dutch and German project area will be used by the 30 innovation consortia as a "living lab" for their innovations, whereprototypes will be tested and optimised. 
Health-i-care uses cross-country and cross-sector network development to strengthen the innovative capacity of the border region and, consequently, the development of a unified and strong health economic region. 

Project period: 1 April 2016 - 30 March 2020
Project budget: 7.150.000 euro
Project leader: Prof. Dr. Alex W. Friedrich
Lead partner: University Medical Centre Groningen (NL)
Contact: Dr. Corinna Glasner,