Actieve steun aan het MKB met internationale ambities

dinsdag 7 juli 2015

  • Life Cooperative

Matthijs Plijnaar is ingehuurd door de Healthy Ageing Campus om het Enterprise Europe Network voor Healthy Ageing MKB verder vorm te geven.
Vanuit deze functie helpen we ondernemers hun kansen over de grens waar te maken door het aanbieden van (veelal gratis) diensten.


De "International Desk"

De International Desk initieert en faciliteert internationale projecten tussen kennisinstellingen en bedrijven op en rond de Healthy Ageing Campus en externe internationale partners. Naast zakelijke relatie met China, contacten in de Scanbalt regio en de Verenigde Staten, heeft de International Desk ook een sub-locatie in Oldenburg, Duitsland.

Voor meer informatie en contact: of neem een kijkje op Your Europe

What can we offer?

  • Going international: When you expand your business to another country, you need competent and trustworthy partners. The Healthy Ageing Campus can help you find them through the Enterprise Europe Network. The business database contains over 23.000 company profiles and allows you to find potential business partners We will also facilitate a meeting in person at our matchmaking events.
  • Access to finance: Getting finance can be a big challenge for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Do you know who offers venture capital or loans in your region, your country or in Europe? What’s the best way to sell your business plan to investors? The Enterprise Europe Network experts of the Healthy Ageing Campus can help you evaluate your company's financial situation and source the right support. We will help your company to get the finance it needs to start-up and/or grow: venture capital; loans; tax credits / fiscal opportunities; public financial aid.
  • Research funding: Taking part in an EU-funded research project is a great way to boost your company's competitiveness. The Healthy Ageing Campus can help you get there. Our experts will help you identify your needs and potential, and connect you with the right partners in the Network for successful projects.
  • Office space / real-estate solutions: Having short lines of communication with your foreign partners and customers is extremely important. The Healthy Ageing Campus has lots of experience with office space and real estate solutions, also abroad. 
  • Intellectual property, patents and technology transfer: If you have a technology for others or need a technology from others, the Healthy Ageing Campus can help you. We offer a large range of Technology Transfer skills together with the Business Generator Groningen. The platform of Enterprise Europe Network allows for easier international technology transfer.
  • Advice on EU law and standards: Do you need information about how EU laws and regulations affect your business? The Enterprise Europe Network experts of the Healthy Ageing Campus can help you find your way through the legal maze and make it easier to sell your product or service in another EU country.


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