Shared training: the Baak's Compact MBA

Shared training: de Baak's Compact MBA

In January 2017, the Life Cooperative will facilitate a Compact MBA for 10 to 12 individuals. The training will be held in Groningen, starts in January and will be completed in week 44. Eight different companies have signed up. By purchasing through the Life Cooperative a discount is organized.


Building a more coherent and comprehensive overview of the organization from the individual disciplines and to develop a more enterprise-wide management approach. The personal perspective on development of the participant can therefore be further strengthened and clarified.



In order to build a coherent and comprehensive overview of the organization, or relevant component, there will be tried to develop a comprehensive business model / value-added model / revenue model for the organization in which the individual fields can get their place.


Business coaching

During the program your strategic question will be approached from different angles. This expands your content expertise. In an individual interview of about an hour, possible (personal) dilemmas will be examined that you encounter when implementing your strategic question. At the start of interview you will be asked where you want to talk about; So you take self-responsibility for the purpose and content of the conversation. 

Business coaching sessions take place on 30 and January 31, 2017, venue to be announced.

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