Newborn: New research on Healthy Ageing

Living Lab Newborn

In the Newborn testing ground, the Life Cooperative cooperates with the UMCG, the Lifelines project and Philips. The Newborn testing ground creates a test environment for devices and products that contribute to the health and well-being of mothers and their children. Newborn has a unique environment available to test an innovative product in real-time. The testing ground consists of 1500 families of which not only the data is available, but also their background data. We offer all this in a safe environment with a solid infrastructure for unlocking the data. And of course, Newborn helps to set up and carry out a test. The "informed consent" has also been arranged. You can also make links with smart scales and mirrors, sleep sensors, connected toothbrushes, etc. Almost 5,000 smart connected devices are available.

What is an EFRO Living Lab?

An experimental garden offers facilities with which small and medium-sized enterprises can perform tests in a real-life environment, for example, or offer possibilities to test services. The SNN Call on EFRO ‘Living Labs' facilitates innovation clusters in the (further) development of test beds around societal challenges.

What is our role as formal partner in these projects?

The LIFE Cooperative is a partner in various 'Living Lab' projects. Within this, as part of work packages (WP), she bears responsibilities for tasks. In line with its facilitating role towards its SME members, these tasks often involve the execution of marketing and acquisition activities. With the execution of these activities costs are incurred, by members and (hired) third parties, on behalf of the LIFE Coop.

What can I, as a company and member of the LIFE Cooperative, do with these projects?

The general expectation is that members will give input to the testing lab propositions and then use them to validate products / services and / or strengthen the testing ground infra.n.