Joint acquisition on Bio Europe (Colonge 7-9 Nov 2016)

Ambition and current status

Working on the power of bundling in joint acquisition and branding. For the upcoming edition of the BIO Europe in Colonge we would also like to invite you in the stand of de LIFE Cooperative. De cooperative companies in one stand at this fair is what makes it such a strong concept. 

Currently we inventorise the interest from our members to participate (actively) in de stand. We offer te same options as former visits:

  • You can be represented in a stand by a person (from your companie), a pilar and promoting materials for a reduced rate. 
  • You can join the LIFE Cooperative by a ticket, which means you will possibly have some discount for the ticket, but you will not take place in de stand. 

A concrete offer will follow as soon as possible. Are you interested in more information or participation, please contact Ronald


The power of bundling in joint acquisition and branding. The idea to be represented at the Bio Europe as “cooperative companies” is originated from a number of members. We have positively experienced a few BIO's. We would like to offer the same construction, because of the collaboration between companies in one stand. 


With a joint exhibition stand, tailored branding and a joint slogan, the Northern Netherlands Life Science SMEs  will be presenting themselves at the Bio Europe in Colonge. The individual companies also will have their own pilar, with a matching slogan. And the joint branding will be extended with a brochure and a business card. 


One of the concerns from the different companies was the joint representation of the strong Northern Netherlands competencies at fairs and congresses. Strengthening and enhancement of the Northern Netherlands Healthy Ageing companies’ world remains the overarching goal. Therefor we profile and promote the Northern region in Healthy Ageing.

Former experciences

The participation at the Bio Europe Stockholm was a great success. 7 participating companies, 6 of them where in the actively respresented in the stand and one organization had a ticket to visit the Bio. 

Members actively involved in this project:

More information about this project

Ronald Hesse, Business Developer
T: (050) 361 0336