I-Initiate: access to high-quality imaging facilities

Living lab I-initiate

Medical imaging is a collective name for all sorts of ways to make images of the interior of man. These imaging techniques ensure faster and more effective diagnoses and treatments. Since this is still a young field, the need for innovation is immense, in the area of ​​hardware development (robotic arms, MRI coils etc.), software development (improving visualization, analysis and methodology) and increasing application areas (to improve efficacy of a product): three areas in which SMEs in the Northern Netherlands are growing. To date, however, regional SMEs have little or no access to these expensive equipment, which is reserved for patient care and scientific research. As a result, SMEs do not have an adequate test environment and insufficient contact with market demand to be able to innovate. The i-INITIATE pilot project is responding to this market need by providing low-threshold access to a high-quality imaging facility where industry, knowledge and international contacts come together to accelerate innovation for health, demography and well-being.

What is an EFRO Living Lab?

An experimental garden offers facilities with which small and medium-sized enterprises can perform tests in a real-life environment, for example, or offer possibilities to test services. The SNN Call on EFRO ‘Living Labs' facilitates innovation clusters in the (further) development of test beds around societal challenges.

What is our role as formal partner in these projects?

The LIFE Cooperative is a partner in various 'Living Lab' projects. Within this, as part of work packages (WP), she bears responsibilities for tasks. In line with its facilitating role towards its SME members, these tasks often involve the execution of marketing and acquisition activities. With the execution of these activities costs are incurred, by members and (hired) third parties, on behalf of the LIFE Coop.

What can I, as a company and member of the LIFE Cooperative, do with these projects?

The general expectation is that members will give input to the testing lab propositions and then use them to validate products / services and / or strengthen the testing ground infra.