Completed 13-05-2016 | Joint acquisition during BCF Career event

Ambition and current status

The BCF Career Event (May 10th, 2016) is the career event for Bio, Chemie and Food sectors. The participating members of the Life Cooperative hereby contribute in profiling the region and have the possibility to contact potential new employees. During this fair the Life Cooperative is represented by a shared stand and Ton Vries, chairman of the board and director of Syncom B.V., will also hold a short presentation. 

Current status: participation confirmed. 

Participation results in a cost saving of 20%. 


The power of bundling in joint acquisition and branding. The idea to be represented at the BCF Career Event as “cooperative companies” is interesting for a number of members and for the region. 


With a joint exhibition stand, tailored branding and a joint slogan, the Northern Netherlands Life Science SMEs  will be presenting themselves at the BCF Career Event. Besides that they also will be presented as the Life Cooperative, and as individuals companies, at the website and promotion materials of this fair. 


During this fair participating members have the oppurtinity to come in contact with potential new employees and at the same time they can profile the Life Cooperative and their members.

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Carolien van de Beek, Trainee Communication & Branding
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