Biomarker delegation Boston

The LIFE Cooperative, in collaboration with the UMCG, Eriba en LifeLines, organizes an international trip to Boston. Where they will meet Rudi Schreiber, the business developer who is exploring interesting companies for Bbay. Together the partees will visit the organiszations which are interested in the products of BBay.

Current status and ambition

The visit to the USA is confirmed. We are developing a concrete offer for this project. If you are interested in this project or for more information, please contact Ronald Hesse.



The province and UMC Groningen have set up a consortium around the devolopment of new biomarkers: Bbay. It is a portal for the full range of biomarker assays, biomarker confirmation and assay development, assay validation, clinical validation and bioanalysis of biomarkers. We aim to create collaboration for this project in Boston.



Together with our partners we have hired Rudi Schreiber as a business developer in the USA to explore companies and relations for BBay. We will visit these companies soon. The focus is on relationship building, connection with new companies and establishing leads for further contact.



The aim is to generate new leads en therefor estastablish new contacts for future collaborations. We want to have a 3-5 leads from the visit. 

Members actively involved in this project:

More information about this project:

Ronald Hesse, Business Developer
T: (050) 361 0336