Project 'Strengthening innovative business Personalized Health' announce SME Voucher

Tuesday 15 December 2015

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Healthy Ageing Campus / UMCG announce a SME voucher that aims to increase SME innovation by strengthening the interaction with UMCG / RuG. SMEs located in Groningen, Drenthe or Friesland can use this voucher to accelerate innovation, research and trials carried out in collaboration with the UMCG / RuG.

The project is called ‘Strengthening innovative business Personalized Health’. It will help make the expertise and facilities of the University and the Medical Centre of Groningen more accessible to entrepreneurs from the three Northern provinces. If you are interested and you fulfill the requirements (see attachment) you can apply for a voucher. Please download this form and include the following documents:

  • A project plan (max. 1 A4) containing its purpose and sought results, a short description of the approach and the required infrastructure;
  • A signed quotation from the UMCG or the RuG;
  • An overview of the eligible costs of the applicant and the institute (max. 33,3% of the institutes quotation will be refunded, with a maximum of €10.000,-);
  • A completed ‘SME-classification-test’ and a completed ‘de-minimis’-statement.

Application approval / denial will take no more than 13 weeks. Eligible activities must start within 3 months and must be completed within 12 months after the application is granted. The grant is available from May 2015 until May 2017. There is a maximum of € 10,000, - per project and a total budget of €300.000,-.

For inquiries about the vouchers and for quotations from the UMCG / RuG, please contact Ellen van Drooge ( If you would like to brainstorm on a potential project, contact Ronald Hesse (

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