Ofichem R&D is moving into Innolab Chemie

Tuesday 27 October 2015

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The Ofichem Group moves the Research & Development department to Innolab Chemie at Zernike Campus Groningen. Ofichem produces, develops and distributes active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for both human and animals. Innolab Chemie is a new testing ground for innovative research in the chemistry.

Choice Offichem
According to Weite Oldenziel, director of Ofichem, Innolab Chemie is the perfect place for product development. Oldenziel: ‘The unique exchange of experience and idea’s with Syncom and the university nearby can lead to a new way of open innovation with great opportunities on new products.’ Oldenziel expects that in the future more companies will move their R&D department to Innolab. The modern laboratorial facilities and the extensive business support opportunities will form a testing ground for start-ups in Life-sciences and agro chemistry.

Marnix Pool, manager of Innolab Chemie, is extremely pleased with the choice of Ofichem: ‘Syncom and Triade started Innolab Chemie for this kind of open innovation.’ There is a huge change the production department of Ofichem remain located in Ter Apel. According to Marnix Pool few more companies are interested in moving their R&D department to the Zernike Campus and Innolab Chemie.

About Innolab Chemie
Innolab Chemie stimulates, facilitates and supports activity and initiatives in chemistry from the University Groningen, department of entrepreneurship. Therefor Innolab Chemie in Groningen is the place for initiatives and product development in biobased economy, energy, life science, healthy ageing, sustainability and agro-food  

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