Northern Netherlands Life Science SMEs prove power of bundling at fair in Paris

Friday 13 March 2015

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With a joint position, joint slogan and an official commitment in the form of a cooperative, the Northern Netherlands Life Science SMEs presented itself last week with a delegation of eight companies at the Bio Europe in Paris. The power of bundling has proven itself and the joint stand turned out to the meeting place for collaboration with the Dutch SME world earlier this week (9th / 11 March).

"The idea to be represented at the Bio Europe as cooperative companies, originated from a number of members. Precisely that motivation makes it such a strong concept, "says Ton Vries, director Syncom BV and co-director of Healthy Ageing Campus. "The club of Northern Netherland parties has never been greater representation." Facilitated by the Healthy Ageing Campus, eight northern Dutch Life Science companies traveled to the International Bio Europe Spring in Paris, namely: Integrex Research, Innocore Pharmaceuticals, Syncom, ABL, Angita, QPS, Sulfateq and Brains Online.

In January 2015, the Healthy Ageing Business Cooperative UA was officially launched. It has now 16 knowledge-intensive companies committed to the cooperative. One of the concerns from the company was the joint representation of the strong Northern Netherlands competencies at fairs and congresses.

The Healthy Ageing Campus aims to organize also this concept to other members within cooperative, such as the Northern Netherlands medical technology companies. "Strengthening and enhancement of the Northern Netherlands Healthy Ageing companies world remains the overarching goal" Vries adds. "Possibly the concept also offers opportunities for other sectors."

The Bio Europe took place on 9th / 11 March and is one of the largest partnering conference in Europe in the field of life sciences, with more than 2,000 participants from all over the world.

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