MKB enriched met Lean Six Sigma knowledge

Tuesday 12 April 2016

  • Life Cooperative

The past six months the LIFE Cooperative is strengted. 16 employees from 14 SMEs participated in a Lean Six Sigma training. March 22, they all have their Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate received. This joint acquisition of knowledge has both led to enrichment in knowledge as a cost. In total savings realized from +/- € 40,000. Health Hub Roden has facilitated in the need for education and offered trainingen for LIFE Cooperative.

The establishing of the LIFE Cooperative soon led till the wishes of joint needs training up. Lean Six Sigma showed a lead for 14, of the then 19 companies, to invest in together. By joint purchasing the members of the LIFE Cooperative will realize savings. Also, tracking of training together is a good base to get to know each other better and to gain insight into potential regional partners. Finally, this collaborative approach improves the "human capital" in Groningen, which will ultimately lead to an improvement / strengthening of local businesses.

Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma is a popular method to make demonstrable and sustainable improvements in the management of organizations. The company's focus is returned to the core, the activities for which the company exists. By focusing less on secondary matters are reduced costs, customer satisfaction goes up and shortens the turnaround of the business. The method has in recent years become increasingly popular and more important, due to the growing complexity of market conditions, the emergence of new technologies and the need for companies to adapt to the rapidly changing economic environment.

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