First building block for Biomarker Bay

Friday 20 November 2015

  • Life Cooperative

Friday November 13th 2015, the Biomarker Bay, BBay, contract between UMCG and a five Northern Dutch clinical research organizations was signed. The Partnership of UMCG, RuG and the companies QPS, ABL, Syncom, IQ Products and Brains online brings together academic expertise on biomarkers, biobanks and  longstanding contract research to identify, develop and perform analysis for reliable & innovative biomarker and companion diagnostic assays.

Biomarkers are indicators with which the course of diseases or biological state can be measured. As e.g. glucose is a known biomarker measurement for diabetes. But there are many more biomarkers and there are always new found. By combining the knowledge from the companies and the UMCG we hope that BBay, Biomarker Bay, can attract new business.

With the signing of the contract the first building block for the BBay initiative has been laid down. In the upcoming months the rest of the building blocks will be compiled to create the BBay organization.  

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