BiOrion wins Investors Forum 2014

Wednesday 19 November 2014

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Biotech company BiOrion wins Investors Forum Dutch Life Sciences conference

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 the tenth edition of the Dutch Life Sciences conference took place at the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. With 300 participants from the Dutch Life Sciences sector the conference was well attended.

In the program there was a lot of attention for young and starting entrepreneurs including the announcement of the Venture Challenge and Investors Forum winners. As much as ten companies made an elevator pitch about their business plan for a group of 15 Life Sciences investors. The jury chose CEO Herman Steen from BiOrion as winner of the Investors Forum 2014. He won a check of € 2,500 to be spent on a Life Sciences partnering event.


It is our ambition to get the first targeted anti-fibrotic drug on the market to treat patients suffering from life-threatening fibrotic diseases. Herman Steen, CEO BiOrion 

Herman Steen, CEO BiOrion

Global solution

BiOrion is developing targeted peptide-drugs for life-threatening and devastating fibroblast-associated diseases, such as renal, pulmonary and hepatic fibrosis and stroma-driven tumors e.g. pancreatic cancer and breast cancer. Herman Steen (CEO BiOrion) sees the award as an incentive to continue the chosen path. ‘This will convince investors to invest and participate in a global solution that saves hundreds of thousands of patients for further organ damage and even premature death.’

The campus is curious; what is the ambition of BiOrion for the future?

Herman Steen: "It is our ambition to get the first targeted anti-fibrotic drug on the market to treat patients suffering from life-threatening fibrotic diseases. BiOrion uses an intriguing technology that has led to the development of BOT191, an drug with excellent characteristics. We are convinced that we will find a partner in 2015 to fund a program to test the efficacy and safety BOT191 in patients. If positive, further clinical development will be taken over by a major pharmaceutical company."

What do you do to stay healthy by yourself?

"Not enough, I guess. However, I cycle to my office, which is about 50 minutes back and forth, and have a 2 times per day a walk with my dog. In addition, almost each day we prepare fresh meals, with at least 1 vega-day and 1 fish day per week"

About the Investors Forum

The Investors Forum is an exciting opportunity for those companies looking for equity capital and/or partnerships with companies and institutes across the life sciences value chain, from biotech, med tech and pharma companies to financiers and universities. The forum offers excellent opportunities to present your company to all major Dutch life sciences investors and discuss your business strategy, technology direction and capital raising plan.

About the Dutch Life Sciences conference

The Dutch Life Sciences conference offers businesses, research institutes, universities and investors a platform for exchanging knowledge, trends and developments within the sector and provides networking opportunities. The Investors Forum is part of the Dutch Life Sciences conference. During the day various experts from the scientific and business communities spoke about their experiences and about value creation in the Dutch life sciences. A total of 300 participants from the sector attended the conference. Partnering, personalized medicines and entrepreneurship were de main themes that were addressed during the conference. To strengthen international partnerships speakers from international companies and institutes were invited in collaboration with the international innovation attaché network.
The Dutch Life Sciences conference was made possible partly by Novio Tech Campus, ABN AMRO, Pivot park, PwC, TKI Life Sciences & Health, Immuno Valley, and the Innovation Attaché Network. The conference is an initiative of Iventus. (Read more:

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