Aquilo - Respiratory Contract Research
Aquilo - Respiratory Contract Research

Aquilo refers to the Roman god of the northern wind. Located in the northern part of the Netherlands, our aim is to contribute to therapies directed at airflow improvement in lung diseases. We are specialized in asthma and COPD pharmacology and have different in vivo models, but also ex vivo and in vitro models, to study the effects of your compound. We use several techniques to analyze efficacy of your compound or therapy, including lung function measurements, immunohistochemistry and protein and gene expression analyses.

Our mission

At Aquilo, it is our mission to provide contract research services within the respiratory field. We perform efficacy analyses of existing and novel therapies for lung diseases. Being a spin-off company from the University of Groningen, Aquilo benefits from close interaction with the University, as well as the University Medical Center Groningen and other contract research organizations (CRO’s). Please have a look at our portfolio on our own website or contact us ( to see how our expertise can help you with the development of your therapy.