Meet & Greet; Life Science & Technology students

  • EnergyBarn, Zernike Campus
  • Life Cooperative

Students from the Hanzehogeschool Groningen are organizing a Meet & Greet event for the LIFE Cooperative in the EnergyBarn on the Zernike Campus. Interaction between local industry and young students can be of added value for both parties. Students can meet their potential future employers and learn a lot about the work in practice. The companies can meet young talent, get new insights form a young/different perspective, and van maybe meet their future employees. The participating companies (IQ Products, ABL, QPS, Spark Holland, PRA, Brains-online, InnoCore Technologies, Syncom, Mucosis and Lode Holding) are active in the Life Science field.

The Meet & Greet will start at 15:00 and it will end at 17:00. Afterwards there will be a drink available.

Focus areas

Life Cooperative