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Bus trip to MEDICA

HANNN and SpringBoard are organizing a one-day-bus-trip to the MEDICA. The exact dates/times are being finalized.

The program will broadly look like this:

  • 07:00 am departure by bus from Groningen
  • ± 10.45 arrival MEDICA Düsseldorf
  • 10:45 to 18:00 hours free visit to the exhibition 18:00 departure MEDICA Düsseldorf
  • 18:30 to 20:00 pm dinner  in the proximity of Düsseldorf
  • ± 23.30 arrival Groningen

Matchmaking at MEDICA

During the MEDICA, a B2B Matchmaking Event is hosted by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

Taking part costs €100-€200. For info contact Matthijs Plijnaar

Or sign up here, selecting EEN - NL Northern Nederland as your support office.

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