Campus Café HAC

  • 16:00 o'clock
  • 17:30 o'clock
  • De Oude Gasfabriek, Langestraat 66 in Groningen
  • Life Cooperative

What will the North Entrance of the Healthy Ageing Campus look like in five years time? What impact do these building plans of the University of Groningen (UG) and the UMCG have on the accessibility, and what effect do they have on the pursuit of a healthy work environment and healthy buildings? That is the focus of the Campus Cafe, edition Healthy Ageing Campus on Thursday 6 June. The Campus Cafe is an informal meeting between science and business on a surprising location on Campus Groningen. 

Annet de Vree, Community Manager at Campus Groningen kicks off with a short overview of the building plans of the UG and the UMCG. Charlotte Kumm, Project Manager UMCG Bereikbaar (Accessible),  shows which actions the UMCG takes to keep the UMCG and the Healthy Ageing Campus  accessible for patients, employees and visitors, and what surveys amongst travellers indicate about this. Jasmijn Wieringa, Head Healthy Ageing Team a.i. of the UMCG, outlines the chances that are there now to create not only beautiful and practical, but also healthy buildings. 


16.00 hr       Start with drinks
16.15 hr       Welcome by Campus Groningen
16.20 hr       Pitches:

  • Annet de Vree: Overview of the building plans on the North Entrance
  • Charlotte Kumm: Accessibility of the UMCG and the Healthy Ageing Campus 
  • Jasmijn Wieringa: Chances and inspiration for healthy buildings

16.40 hr       Drinks
17.30 hr       End

De Oude Gasfabriek, Langestraat 66 in Groningen. This is on the old 'Cibogaterrein' next to the Healthy Ageing Campus near the UMCG, with a view of the North Entrance.

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