PhD Day 2018

  • De Oosterpoort, Trompsingel 27, 9724 DA Groningen
  • Life Cooperative

Every year the PhD Day in Groningen attracts hundreds of PhDs from different disciplines from all over the Netherlands, making it one of the biggest career events in the country. This year’s theme is “Imagine, invent, inspire!”. The day will be filled with talks and workshops, and will end with an optional dinner and drinks.


Imagine, invent, inspire!

This year’s theme is: Imagine, invent, inspire! The organisation believes that imagination is a key ingredient to successfully complete your PhD, turn your ideas into meaningful inventions, build up a fulfilling career, and ultimately inspire all those around you! So join us and engage in exciting talks by renowned speakers with multidisciplinary backgrounds, attend workshops to develop your soft skills, and network with fellow PhD candidates and various companies for future job opportunities.




Life Cooperative